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Bright Foundation Launches Persistence Scholarship

The Bright Foun­da­tion is excit­ed to announce the launch of a new schol­ar­ship, the Bright Schol­ars of Iowa Per­sis­tence award.

The Bright Schol­ars of Iowa Per­sis­tence schol­ar­ship is award­ed to cur­rent under­grad­u­ate sopho­mores who demon­strate high lev­els of aca­d­e­m­ic achieve­ment at the uni­ver­si­ty lev­el and meet income guide­lines as demon­strat­ed by com­plet­ing the FAF­SA. Recip­i­ents will receive the schol­ar­ship for the cur­rent year and be eli­gi­ble for two more years or four semes­ters of the schol­ar­ship.

Like all Bright Foun­da­tion fund­ed schol­ar­ships, the amount varies by stu­dent and cov­ers the full cost of atten­dance less than any oth­er gift aid.

It is the intent of the Bright Foun­da­tion that this schol­ar­ship will help more stu­dents to grad­u­ate on-time, debt-free, pre­pared to launch their careers and give back in some way.

The 2021-22 Bright Schol­ars of Iowa Per­sis­tence schol­ar­ship recip­i­ents are:

Iowa State Uni­ver­si­ty

  • Evan Wong
  • Devin Amdahl
  • Jen­nifer Robles
  • Macken­na Beamer
  • Natal­ie McDaniels

Uni­ver­si­ty of Iowa

  • Clay­ton Gar­mon
  • Haley Mudge
  • Yaman Hussien
  • Zachary Welsh­er

Uni­ver­si­ty of North­ern Iowa

  • Amber Schute 
  • Ash­ley Loehr
  • Daisy Boehmer
  • Gra­cie Pollock 
  • Kollin Wright